Reader Rabbit Year 2 (Reader Rabbit 2nd Grade in America) is a game where Sam has to save Reader Rabbit from a castle with a dragon. He can earn points on this adventure and rise up the ranks:

1.) Smoke Screen

2.) Sparkler

3.) Candle

4.) Torch

5.) Campfire

6.) Dragon Fire

Sam will encounter all kinds of weird and wacky creatures, do lots of activities and advance up the towers on his journey to save Reader Rabbit, he also needs to earn widgets.

Activities(in no order):


Read and Reflect Hallway


Science Factway

Castle Journal

Enchanted E-mail

As I have mentioned before, there are lots of weird and wacky creatures that Sam will find throughout his journey to advance through the towers.

Riddles and Rhymes (Skillway)

Monstrous Mirror (Read and Reflect Hallway, Science Factway, Castle Journal and Enchanted E-mail.

Talking Knights (Runway- Knights also appear in the medieval stages of Skillway but do not talk)

Sir Duncan Dragon mentions that only people with the highest points can enter his place. However, It is unknown if it is the same ending if you have a low score or not.

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